For parents, attorneys, mediators and anyone else that has an interest in Child Support and Temporary Maintenance calculations there have been changes effective January 31, 2014.  These changes are required by the statute to occur every year on January 31st.

The new income levels that may affect the amount of a child support obligation are as follows:

  • Combined Parental Income Amount: $141,000
  • Self-Support Reserve: $15,755
  • Poverty Income Guidelines Amount (single person): $11,670

You can find the New York State Child Support Standards Chart online at .  This chart is released each year around April 1.  The chart that is currently posted is the 2013 chart and does not include the new income levels referenced above.  You should check online for the new chart in April.

The new Income Cap under the Temporary Maintenance Guidelines has been adjusted from $524,000 to $543,000.  You can find revisions to the Temporary Maintenance Worksheet at the changes have also been made to the Temporary Maintenance Calculator which is found at

It is important to note that the application of these guidelines may vary depending the particular facts of each case.  The Court may deviate from these guidelines depending on the circumstances of each case as it is presented.  Parties who choose mediation, collaborative law or who negotiate a settlement through attorneys may reach any agreement that varies from the strict application of these guidelines.

Julie V. Mersereau, Esq. is a Divorce Mediator and Collaborative Law Attorney with offices at the Mediation Center.