Divorce Mediation


“Man must evolve for all human conflict a method which rejects revenge, aggression, and retaliation.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.


MEDIATION is a cooperative settlement process entered into voluntarily. The mediator acts as a neutral professional who helps the participants make practical, informed decisions to resolve their differences. This is a process that allows for the resolution of family disputes by encouraging the participants to reach a voluntary agreement that is mutually satisfactory. The goal is to accomplish a “win – win” outcome wherein both parties have their needs and goals addressed and are “okay” with the end agreement.

MEDIATOR’S ROLE is to facilitate the resolution of the family dispute by assisting the parties to communicate. The mediator encourages understanding and focuses the participants on their individual and common interests. The mediator helps the participants to “hear” each other’s concerns, and to “express” their own concerns thereby giving each participant a voice in the process. The mediator works with the participants to explore options, make decisions and reach their own agreements.

An independent attorney will prepare any legal paperwork, or court documents that are required.

MEDIATION is a valuable option for many families because it can:

  1. Increase the self-determination of participants and their ability to communicate;
  2. Promote the best interests of children; and
  3. Reduce the economic and emotional costs associated with the resolution of family disputes.

Mediation is not counseling or therapy. The mediator may refer one or both participants to counseling or therapy or another professional to assist them with issues that may be impeding the process, or where the mediator determines that it may be helpful.

Family mediation is not a substitute for independent legal advice. Participants are encouraged to hire an attorney to represent them at any stage of the process.